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Indeed, tournaments are now organized, and of different sizes: regional, national, international … Just like the major competitions in the world of sport, these events take place in several phases, including national qualifications, are sponsored by dozens of associations and see the winners leave with different prizes, the size depending on the importance of the tournament.

The 1 vs. 1 Game:

Then, some games are played as a team; others put forward clashes 1 vs. 1. We can therefore note a new similarity with the world of sport. Moreover, players train, sometimes several hours a day, alone or with their team, and put in place strategies to win matches.

The Improvement Options for the Players

In addition, some players, in order to improve, do not hesitate to move and to go to another country, known for the level of its players and dedicated facilities, which is reminiscent of transfers in football, stable changes in cycling, etc. One of the countries appreciated by the players is South Korea, which has already hosted several international competitions, thanks in particular to the support of Samsung. So, we can find in the newspaper edition January 22, 2002 the course of a Lorrain who moved to South Korea and who climbed to the final of a tournament of StarCraft, organized as part of the WCG (World Cyber ​​Games). He unfortunately came out stronger than him, but still won the second place, and hoped at the time that this course would allow him to integrate a large team, to find sponsors and so continue in the practice of this sport, and why not live it. Find your perfect games now from Run 3 unblocked and for that you will be getting the best deals present.

  • Because indeed, the players can count on the support of various sponsors. The smaller teams will usually be sponsored by institutions that promote network play, while the most well-known groups will be able to count on larger partnerships and some benefits. Funds donated by these sponsors are generally used for travel to competitions, equipment, etc.

In addition, the practice of e-sport requires some motivation. Indeed, the training can last for hours, sessions can be planned every day, it is necessary to change its equipment regularly, and the tournaments are not easy: between the training on the spot, the contacts, the parts ” for fun “and finally the competition itself, players sleep very little (a few hours per night, for a few days). Depending on the means of the host association, the conditions may be very difficult for the players: limited space between the rows of computers, the obligation to sleep in a large hall on the floor (the player having to bring his bag of sleeping) with everyone (which means that it is impossible for some to sleep if some make noise), etc. A player who is not motivated could probably not keep 3 days in such conditions, especially if we add the pressure on the shoulders of the followers…

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